Great success for the Big Summer BBQ

Friday 16th of July was a historical day. For the first time a large group of people belonging to many different Cambridge networking groups decided to get together at the BIG SUMMER BBQ.

The idea for this unique event sparked from a session at the recent BarCamb3 unconference, and was then picked up again at a Pitch and Mix meetup.  Once assessed the strong interest within the group, it was decided to extend the invitation to all other known groups in Cambridge.

Just chewing the fat...

Just chewing the fat...

In the style of all Cambridge great ideas, things only got going after a chance encounter in a Cambridge pub. Thanks to the encouragement from Mel Pullen and Melvin DeVorchik, a number of group organisers decided to join their forces and help promote the event and – as they say – the ball got rolling!

We sold 200 tickets and the people that turned up on the night created a buzzing and entertaining atmosphere that, beginning soon after the official 5pm starting time went on until well after 11pm. And we even got some great photos, courtesy of 361photograpy.

And we even had the end of the rainbow....

And we even had the end of the rainbow....

During the event we received a large number of compliments and congratulations and many emails keep arriving to confirm that we achieved something never done before.  We are very proud of the whole result, and feel that it testifies the strong need felt by all in the tech / creative communities to build and create personal links.

Of course all of this would not have been possible without the support of our sponsors, and the groups that promoted the event. If you wish to contact them, please follow the links on the other pages of the site.

Please keep an eye on this site for details of our next event – we’d be happy to hear your ideas and suggestions..

Thanks again to all who turned out.

Mauro and Massimo

P.S. To see all the photos taken, follow this link.

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