Creating Cambridge, the amazing gift of memory…

Creating Cambridge events are about strengthening the exiting multi-disciplinary community in Cambridge, with many small niche communities, and bring them togetherand we can comfortably say that we are definitely on the right track. We are also confident of the fact that we will achieve that goal soon and then, thanks to the mighty human brain, we will be left with many fun memories of this fantastic journey.

I have always been fascinated by the ability of the human brain to store information and gift us with memories of experiences we had in the past. And whilst it is great to remember pleasant and fun events, often our minds become occupied with all sorts of other information which slowly, wipes some of our memories from our conscious thoughts.

It is also for this reason that Creating Cambridge have teamed up with Nutcracker Digital Productions; they have in fact made a series of videos which can help our busy brains remember the details of what was described as an entertaining, fun, useful and inspiring evening. Below is the second video which features some of the organizers, the sponsors and some of the delegates talking about… “creating Cambridge”.

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