Welcome to our Silver Sponsor – Nutcracker Digital Productions

We are pleased to announce that Nutcracker Digital Productions have chosen to sponsor the Big Christmas Party 2011.

Follow a comment from Shaun Reinson, founder of the company:

“The decision to sponsor The Big Christmas Party was easy to make. Although we are a relatively new start-up and are managing our costs carefully, we need to invest wisely to publicise our business and services. We see The Big Christmas Party as the perfect vehicle to do this. The founders of Nutcracker Digital Productions, creators of corporate videos for local businesses, both have a strong background in the IT sector, building businesses through Sales and Marketing as well as Operationally. We understand this sector inside out, as you might expect, after a combined 40+ years’ experience in the sector. There is also, of course, a strong correlation between the IT sector and the BioTech and Science sector, and we are keen to expand our network to other Creative Content providers too. In these tough economic times that we are all battling through, there is a higher need than ever for a collaborative and supportive approach between different organisations. We strongly believe in any initiative which aims to help the local business community prosper and thrive. Creating Cambridge have hit upon a unique idea with their concept of bringing many different eco-networking groups together into one big event, which we are happy and proud to sponsor. We look forward to seeing you all on the 9th December, to explore and identify opportunities which could be of mutual benefit, or just to say hi and chat about shared interests and challenges. “


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