It’s a Nutcracker Video!

One of the most rewarding things about organizing networking events is to have the opportunity to watch it all over again on video. This often offers great insights as to how much people enjoyed the event, the look of the venue from a different perspective and also on whether we should hire better looking hosts or whether we are still okay for a year or two.

Thanks to one of our Silver Sponsor, Nutcracker Digital Productions, this year’s video is a professional, crispy and brilliant selection of the important moments of the night. There will be several videos of the Big Christmas Party and they will be released throughout the month of January and February. Shawn Reinson, founder of Nutcracker Digital Productions commented:

“it was a great evening of festive networking and we hope to showcase the event in many different ways with the use of various editing techniques.  Our aim is to create a piece of footage that can be used show what a great event this was and also demonstrate the power of video in reliving our successes ”. 

Here it is:

We all know that the future of professional webpages and blogs rests behind the power of videos and that is exactly why we have teamed by with Nutcracker Digital Productions as one of our Silver Sponsor for the Big Christmas Party 2011.

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