Groups supporting our committment to local charity

From the very beginning, we have been strong believers in the Cambridge tech – creative – entrepreneurial community that we belong to. But we have also been committed to helping others in the wider community. Supporting local charities has been an essential part of all our events, since the first one in 2010.

But we could not have gotten where we are without the help of the many groups and networks which have helped us promote our events.

So, this year we have decided to bring these two aspects of Creating Cambridge closer together. We have pledged that 15% of all group ticket sales will be devolved to our named charity (in addition to the usual raffle proceeds). We are grateful that 14 (!!!) groups have already decided to join us and will publicise their support over the coming weeks.

  1. Cambridge AWiSE
  2. CamCreative
  3. CaMedia
  4. Cambridge Mobile App Group
  5. Cambridge Product Management Network
  6. CUTEC
  7. ideaSpace Enterprise Accelerator
  8. Makespace
  9. NetSquared Cambridge
  10. Pitch and Mix
  11. Refresh Cambridge
  12. Software East
  13. Springboard
  14. You Can Hub

If you belong to a group that is not listed above, why not contact the organiser and ask them to join us, and support a local charity!


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