Creating Cambridge BIG thank you for another successful BIG Xmas Party 2013


Creating Cambridge BIG Xmas Party 2013 was yet another fantastic success! As you may already know, the Creating Cambridge events are two each year: The Creating Cambridge BIG Summer BBQ which is the more relaxed summer event which normally sees 200/250 attendees and the BIG Xmas Party which is the smaller (~120 people) and slightly more formal event. This year’s event at The Pitt Club turned out to be the best BIG Xmas party to date.

What contributed to making it the best one yet include without a doubt:

  • The simply beautiful, exclusive venue which offered a gorgeously elegant set up, brilliant location and state of the art service
  • The amazing support from our Gold Sponsor – Business Weekly. They have demonstrated faith and loyalty and we are very grateful
  • All other sponsors including: Salus Wellness Clinics, Genie Goals, Big Cup Little Cup Nespresso compatible coffee capsules, Kopi, a gourmet coffee subscription
  • Out chosen charity of the year, Magpas for which we managed to raise more than £340
  • The fact that we had plenty of booze and simply delicious food

However, the real success of the Creating Cambridge events, including this last BIG Xmas Party, must be attributed to those who attended the event! Year after year we have seen more and more people attending our events, new faces, friends of familiar faces and the numbers are growing continuously. This year, we have capped the initial number to 100, then ended up selling almost 120 tickets!

Please have a look at a few pictures of the event:

We are already at work planning the Creating Cambridge BIG (VERY BIG) Summer BBQ 2014 and have already booked the venue and are looking to make the food a lot better than it’s ever been… a true feast! Also, we are looking to add a 15 minute dose of pure inspiration and education from one of the most respected personalities in the country, possibly in the world. More on this soon. The date will be announced by the end of January and sponsorships will be available from February giving our partners 5 months of solid coverage. We are confident that we will reach 300+ attendees next summer and we know that we will achieve that thanks to you!

So, after the Creating Cambridge BIG Xmas Party 2013 and before the Creating Cambridge BIG Summer BBQ 2014, Creating Cambridge would like to send out a BIG Thank you to all of you who continuously support us and follow us.

Have a fantastic Christmas and a fabulous start of the new year!

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