A New Co-Working Space in Cambridge!

From the very beginning, Creating Cambridge has been about connecting the different networks that exist in Cambridge. We have always believed that there is an un-met need to bring people together, across different disciplines. So we have always tried to involve very different networks, covering the tech, creative, innovation and startup sectors.

Having now organised 3 very successfull social events, we felt it was necessary to “raise our game”, and try to create something more tangible and beneficial for all the community. Given the need expressed again and again for co-working spaces in Cambridge, which can be accessed in a purely casual way, we thought “Hey, if this is to succeed, who better to promote it than Creating Cambridge!

Enter the “Hidden Rooms” a club in central Cambridge that was looking for ways to open itself up to new things happening in Cambridge and it all came together!

Anyone can come, there is no fee to join, and there is even space for groups to organise their evening meetings. So let’s give it a go, and make this new and interesting Cambridge experiment a success.

You can find out about the events here, or follow on Twitter

Below is the official announcement from Coworking Cambridge.

Coworking Cambridge – Every Wednesday from 10.00am – 5.00pm
(CowCam) is a FREE casual co-working space where freelancers, home workers, contractors and small business owners can get out of their normal space, meet new people, and work in a social environment. It is an extension of how to develop the potential of the number of startups & freelancers in Cambridge.

It is located at the Hidden Rooms, 7A Jesus Lane in Cambridge CB5 8BA (Next to Pizza Express) and currently operating one day a week – on a Wednesday, from 10.00am – 5.15pm.

CowCam is a mixture of work, chat, brainstorming and support plus the potential to collaborate on the birth of a new project. CowCam is not an out and out networking event, if you want to sit with your headphones in and pound away at the keyboard… that’s just fine.

CowCam starts its new season from Wednesday 14th September. Entrance and WiFi is free. Tea, Coffee and Crudités are available at the bar. Takeaway menu from Pizza express also an option.

Meetings of a larger scale can also be accommodated for in the Club room and we are happy to provide Mic / Projector etc.

CowCam is promoted by Creating Cambridge, a loose knit network of networks which aims to bring together people from the tech, bio-tech, creative and innovation sectors in Cambridge.

For Group evening events or further information please contact: paul@eventility.co.uk Tel:07768 255967 or Mauro at info@camtechnet.info.

Join us! http://www.eventility.co.uk/cgc/cowcam
Twitter: http://twitter.com/cowcam
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CoworkingCambridge

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