BIG Summer BBQ 2013, the biggest success to date for Creating Cambridge

Uv6DTd-V6DM9itDM-Cwa6_bToJmDsWBcNc5Bks99VbcYes, we did it again; we set our target very high in terms of delivering an amazing experience to all of our guests and, given the feedback and congratulation messages still coming after 5 days, I would say we managed to exceed expectations, once again.  The weather was surely a bless and being close to our lovely river it helped to inspire an atmosphere that was more about a party one would join during summer holidays rather than a networking event in one of the most important high-tech, bio-tech and academic centres in the world.

The mix of people attending the event was surely the most varied we had to date, mixing some of the finest and most influential entrepreneurs of Cambridge together with academics, professionals, students, owners of small businesses and start-ups.  The message was clear: “go and talk to people, anybody here today is at a networking event and should be speaking to new faces, not just catching up with old friends” and most of our guests welcomed the invite and acted on it throughout the evening.

Considering that the first attendees arrived about half an hour before we started, while the lovely staff from Fort St. George were still setting up the place, and over 20 people were still around well past 11pm when they pub was trying to close down, there is no doubt that the BIG Summer BBQ 2013 was perceived well!

Many people say that networking is not about food but, as many people agreed, if you are charging for food it should be good quality and great value for money; on this aspect the Fort St. George delivered some amazing homemade burgers and other BBQ dishes beautifully presented and served with a nice variety of garnish and side dishes.

So, while in Cambridge we are experiencing temperatures getting close to 30 degrees Celsius, we are already discussing some details of the next event  – the BIG Xmas Party 2013 which we are committed to make the best event yet.

Here some of the pictures of the BIG summer BBQ 2013, a video will follow soon:

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