Big Summer BBQ 2012 & Support for Emmaus

As those who have attended past events already know, we pride ourselves in using the events to support charities in the area. This year we decided to support Emmaus Cambridge.

In past events our fundraising took place exclusively through a raffle held on the night of the BBQ.

This year, we decided to extend our fundraising by also donating 15% of all group discounted tickets to the charity, thus involving the many groups and networks that support the event.

We are happy to say that this new approach helped us to break our previous record, and we raised £418.80 for the charity.

From the total money, around 25% was generated from the group discounted ticket sales, which brought nearly 1/4 of you all to the event. We think that this is living proof of the generosity and community spirit which are at the basis of the many Cambridge groups and networks.

The remaining money was generated on the night by the sale of raffle tickets, and by our 50% “charity tax” on the sale of last-minute tickets to those who just could not give up the opportunity to join us. 🙂

So, once again, thanks to all of you that supported the BBQ and our chosen charity Emmaus.

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