Amazing success for the BIG Xmas Party 2011

Thinking back, it is quite amazing how many man hours go into organizing a party with more than hundred people, particularly when these people are part of several different groups.

Inviting people, booking for the right amount of catering (luckily this time we knew our trusted supplier), arranging the venue, welcome drinks, tickets, badges and so on and so on… much work for a 6 hour event but, once again we loved it!

The BIG Xmas Party 2011, was built on the success of three previous events and, once again, it managed to exceed our expectations and also those of the supporting groups and sponsors.

Mixing professionals, entrepreneurs, directors, academics and university students the BIG Xmas Party 2011 attracted well over one hundred attendees who had the opportunity to do some networking in a very informal, friendly and enjoyable way.  In fact I was so surprised to notice that there were so many people still networking late at night that I had to tweet this:  “25 people still networking at #ccxmas2011 .

This is the first after party post and it will be followed by others, more focussed on our sponsors, the charity we supported and all the people that helped us; watch this space!

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