Amazing success for the BIG Summer BBQ 2011

Copyright LiquidPhoto 2011Looking at the depressing rain outside my window as I am writing this I can just feel very lucky for the great event we had last night at The Ranch.  The BIG Summer BBQ 2011, building on the success of two previous events like the BIG Christmas Party 2010 and BIG Summer BBQ 2010, managed to exceed expectation for us, the organizers, as well as the supporting groups and sponsors that contributed to the success of this event.

Starting from half a dozen people waiting outside the door before we opened at 5pm sharp, we saw a growing queue counting up to 30 individuals at a time that lasted until well past 7.  Mixing professionals, entrepreneurs, directors, academics and university students (and a 2 months old baby boy 🙂 ) the BBQ attracted a total of over two hundred attendees networking in a very social, friendly and enjoyable way.  In fact I was very surprised to count over hundred people still around at 10pm and nearly 40 people when The Ranch was finally trying to close down.

I would like to thank my partners in this amazing venture Mauro Ciaccio from CamTechNet and Paul Smith from Eventility; guys I think, without modesty, that we did manage to get the best out of this event.  Last but not least thanks to LiquidPhoto for the amazing shots they took, some of which are here below (to them the copyright to all pictures here).  More to come in the next few days.

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