30 days to go Big Summer BBQ 2012

It’s good to see how things evolve and improve over time.  When we started Creating Cambridge in early June 2010 we had some good ideas and hoped they would work out.  We aimed at bringing together people from all networking groups and meet-ups in Cambridge to foster relaxed conversations and networking. No sales pitches but simply getting together, having a drink, a byte to eat and good chat.  We were ambitious, aiming to attract 200 people, and doing something that was never done before.

We strongly believed it was a good idea and assumed all groups would buy into the project. Well we were optimistic, and just a bit more than half of them did.  Nonetheless we managed to achieve a very successful BBQ and started a trend that continued successfully for the next 3 events.

Over the last two years and 4 previous events we have demonstrated we can deliver great events and that all attendees can have a good experience for the great mix of people joining in and for the super relaxed atmosphere.

As we are today at 30 days exactly from the BIG Summer BBQ 2012 we notice how strongly things have improved over time. It took just a few weeks to sell 100 tickets, so  setting the limit of attendees to 200 may actually be a bit on the short side. (We hope!)

One of the key elements of all our events has been the decision to support local charities. This time we have decided to devolve 15% of all sales generated by groups into our designate charity (Emmaus).  The special discount code offered to groups runs out on Sunday 17th June so hurry up as your chance of getting a discounted ticket – and supporting Emmaus – is quickly running out.

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